Official WildStar Online Community
Official WildStar Online Community

The WildStar development describes game customization and technical specifications for WildStar. This includes game UI Macro and AddOn support and documentation of other types of files used for art or for general support of the game.

Welcome to the WildStar Development Portal


UI Customization

UI AddOns
    · TOC format · Load Process · Summaries
WildStar Global API
    · Data Types · Events · Lua functions · Changes
UI Forms
    · XML Widget declarations · Script handlers · Summaries
    · XML Root · XML elements · XML Types · Summaries
Macro Command Reference
    · Console Variables
Technical details
    · User defined code · UI Snippets · more...

Other materials

Developer talk

UI Customisation Forums and Guilds

Tutorials and HOWTOs

An introduction to addons, scripts and macros
Getting started with writing addons
UI Guides and HOWTOs
  • Handling events
  • Saving variables between game sessions
  • Creating a slash command
  • Localizing an addon
  • Using the Interface Options Addons panel
  • Using UIDropDownMenu
  • XML basics
  • more...

Other Resources and Tools

Development Help AddOns
Hosted addon pages · Library AddOns
UI Code Snippets
Carbine UI Internals
  • Carbine's User Interface customization tool
Lua and XML editing software

Things you can help out with

  • Fill out all those red links in World of Warcraft API!   (though pick in order of likelihood of being useful). Looking at the FrameXML code to find out how the functions are being used is good way to begin. Please do not create stubs if you are not adding new and useful facts - we prefer red links over stubs with no additional information.
  • Copy bolded items in the Global functions list to World of Warcraft API et al.
  • Scan Category:API stubs for unfinished pages!
  • Take a look in Category:Votes for deleting and look for API pages.
  • Help convert old pages to the Help:API Function articles style!
  • Add "Triggers Events" sections to old pages that do not have them (and should have them).