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Were you looking for WS Slash commands used in macros?

In WildStar player are allowed to create their own Macros in the WildStar user interface, for creating their own custom commands and buttons. This page describes the macro interface and macro usage. For a list of Slash commands usable in macros see WS Slash commands, for more AddOn related information, see UI Macros.

Creating a macro

The following steps can be used to create a macro:

Open the macro window

  • Click the 'Interface Menu' icon in the lower-left corner of the screen on the bottom toolbar.
  • Find and click on 'Macros' to open the macro editing window.

Create a macro

  • Click new and place a command or commands in the larger text box, like "/s Yea, a macro!" (without the quotes).

Set macro as a button

  • Find the "icon" on the open Macro editing window
  • Drag the icon to an open spot on your user customizable action bar.

Using a macro

  • Simply click the action button just created on the toolbar, or press the corresponding key on the keyboard.
  • See macros command or command performed, like seeing "Yea, a macro!" in chat.


Macros in WildStar use text commands to carry out actions. Each separate command is expected to be on a different line, and the commands are run consecutively in order, from the top line to the bottom line.

The most basic text commands are the Slash commands, which are the same as special commands typed in the chat window, like /s for "say" and /w for whisper. See WS Slash commands for the current list of slash commands available in WildStar.

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