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The Vault of the Archon (originally thought to release with the Destination Arcterra update) is a dungeon that became available to players with update 1.5.1, released on May 4th, 2016. 

This dungeon is located deep in the frozen wastes of the new zone Arcterra and will be for max-level players. Players will be able to enter the instance solo or with friends (up to max party size). Join Dorian Walker and Artemis Zin as well as other fully voiced NPC's  on this new epic adventure. Enjoy unique gameplay mechanic, secret locations and boss encouters that will keep players on their toes. 

This instance is completely story driven and continues the tale of Drusera and the escalating conflict with the Entity.


Information regarding The Vault was discovered at the end of Omni-Core One. The Caretaker had no previous information regarding the Vault but because of his curious nature, he went looking for it. He sent out probes and discovered an entire zone in northern Nexus called Arcterra . Both Dominion and Exiles are enlisted by the Caretaker to aid him in his search for the Vault of the Archon — a secret facility where the Eldan Archon, Jariel, hid his most sensitive data. But gaining access to the Vault won’t be easy!

The traverse to the Vault of the Archon is terribly cold. Your only chance of survival lies in using the eerie warmth of Bloodhearth Trees to your advantage. Additionally, several macabre mysteries are nestled within the icy crags of Varegor Pass, each with unique optional objectives all their own.

Whether or not you decide to explore the many mysteries of the pass, you must then gain entry to the Fortress of Kel Havik, an Osun edifice frozen in time, and then gain access to the priceless information secured within the Vault of the Archon itself!


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