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Official WildStar Online Community
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Answers have been provided! They'll permanently live on the Instant Expert page. Check below for what we have and keep in mind there are two more videos to come!

This goes out to all those chua-lovers out there... and those who would really prefer seeing them confined to a hamster ball! We've got the opportunity to sit down with developers at Carbine Studios and toss them any questions you might have about WildStar Online. The topics are fairly broad, as you can see:

Due to the potential volume of questions, please be aware we may not cover every question. The best way to get a question answered is to keep it concise and pertaining to the topics above. Also try to keep the number of questions to a minimum per submission (though you may submit multiple times, of course); submissions with a long lists of questions are less likely to be chosen due to potential time constraints.

We look forward to your questions!