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This week we interview DasMoose!
Character's name: DaMoose
Server: Evindra
Faction: Exiles IconExilesSimple.png
Crib name: Mooseport Alley

What was the inspiration for your crib?

As Evindra is an RP server, along with quite a few other folks, I wanted to build something people could come to as a small RP hub, out of the way of the world. Since /say range is unreasonably large, smaller areas like this have helped out the community a bit with a smaller area to speak in. Evindra is home to some of the best mad geniuses this game has to offer, and we're always bouncing ideas off one another in zone and the various circles out there. It really is a pleasure to be here and working along side these fine folks.

What was the hardest part of making your home?

The hardest part of making a home like this has to be the item limit. I would love so much to make more buildings, with entries, that can be furnished. Maybe someday! Another issue I had was wanting to do this and keep the challenges and fabkits working. The first version of the city had them all covered. Really I've gone through three different renditions of Mooseport now to make things sit better. With luck, I won't have to redo it again. Who am I kidding I'd love to do it again, it's a blast to build.

What item or plot were/are you most looking forward to getting?

Not sure what you mean by what plot I'm most looking forward to, do you mean plots my alts will be building? I'll guess that's it for the sake of an answer! What I'm most looking forward to is the new project I'm working on (4th) which is a giant tree city, with different areas in different trees connected by rope ladders.

Of all the Decor items or FabKits you have seen or used, what is your favorite?

My favorite thing so far is the bank Fabkit. Really, any fabkit that gives you areas like you'd find in an in game city. Bank, Auction House, Customization NPC. Things like that add to places like this wonderfully.

If you could have one item in your house or on your plot that you have NOT seen, what would it be?

One item I'd love to see in game I mentioned before. The Auction House fabkit. I don't even think that would be possible with the way an AH works. But hey, if anyone can figure it out it's the folks at Carbine!

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