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Hologram of Tresayne Toria, the mother of Dominus

Tresayne Toria is the "mother" of Dominus the Half-Blood, the swordmaiden the Cassians had surrended to the Eldan more than 1500 years ago.

Still alive to this day on Nexus, the swordmaiden has all but abandoned her loyalties to her old homeworld and its people, and now serves the Primal Vitara as the leader of the Torine Sisterhood.


Tresayne Toria was one of the most famous Swordmaidens of the Cassian Commonwealth, hero of many battles and famous for her hot blooded determination to win. The Eldan took notice of her exceptional skills, and wished to appropriate her for experiments in an Eldan hybrid--the Luminai.

According to her journal in Wilderrun, she grew up from the terrible time of Cassian Commonwealth. As a child, she and her family had to defend themselves from rioters during one of the worst famines on Cassus. In addition, she also witnesses warfare and power struggle among member states of Cassian Commonwealth. She believed that her part in Eldan's project would give salvation to the declining Cassian Commonwealth.

The Eldan proceeded to give an ultimatum to the people of Cassus: surrender Tresayne Toria, or be annihilated. The Cassians happily complied, and so did Tresayne after a brief scuffle and a slight modification to the agreement--she was to bring her fellow Swordmaidens with her.

Tresayne was soon escorted into the Hybridization Complex in Wilderrun where her primal pattern was extracted from her, and used in the subsequent Luminai experiments. After several failures, they eventually birthed Dominus the Half-Blood.

Journals imply that Tresayne had not been completely hands-off in the raising of her child--there is mention of her having partaken in her son's training, and having seen him in general.

With the success of Dominus and the establishment of the Dominion, Tresayne and her fellow swordmaidens were released into the wilds, left to fend for themselves. They would have eventually died off had Tresayne not tried to hunt a magnificent, unusual beast--Vitara, the Primal of Life.

Despite her skills, Tresayne was no match for who was essentially a goddess--the fight was quickly ended, the swordmaiden fast bleeding out. Taking mercy on her, Vitara offered to revive Tresayne if she would serve the Primal for the rest of her life. Toria agreed, thus starting the Torine, a tribe of immortal swordmaidens.

Physical Description

Toria after pledging allegiance to the Primal

Post-Vitara, Tresayne has pale, bluish skin because of her near-death from blood loss. Her dark blue hair has also turned to a lighter shade. Her in-game model shares the same extremely muscular, very tall style as the rest of the Torine. Because of the nature of her home and life, she has maintained a youthful appearance and exceptional physical fitness.

Living in the jungles of Wilderrun for all these centuries has honed and strengthened her already terrifying skills, making her an exceptional swordmaster and capable of overpowering and going toe-to-toe with the galaxy's best warriors--and not necesarily in one-to-one fights on even ground.