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This page is for the Algoroc Accord quest as part of the Episode Loftite Rush in Tremor Ridge, Algoroc.  Quests completed in Algoroc will often reward the player with The Algoroc Accord reputation, the points of which can be used at a specific vendor to purchase special items from vendors such as Merchant Holdster. Please visit the Reputation page for more information on the different factions players can earn reputation with.

IconExiles.png  The Algoroc Accord
Type Quest
Merchant Holdster
Level 6
MinLevel 3
Location Loftite CliffsAlgoroc
Rewards 53c
Reputation +188 The Algoroc Accord
Episode Loftite Rush
Previous The Loftite Hunt Begins
Next By Leaps and Bounds


Raise your Reputation with the Algoroc Accord of Tremor Ridge (to 1000)


Merchant Holdster in Tremor Ridge has introduced you to the wonders of loftite. For every bit you bring to the Town Mineralogist, your reputation with the Algoroc Accord will grow ever higher. You can also improve your reputation by defeating the enemies of the Algoroc Accord: the Deadstar Marauders of Deadstar Ravine.


Merchant Holdster in Tremor Ridge was so impressed by your efforts that he's extended an invitation to you to peruse his wares. If you continue collecting loftite and defeating Deadstar Marauders, you'll be beloved by the Algoroc Accord in no time.


Talk to Merchant Holdster in Tremor Ridge

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