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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This is another quest template. It includes the faction icon for the quest, the level of the quest (which the other templates didn't include) and the name of the quest.


{{questlong|<faction>|<level>|<quest name>|<display name>}}

1= faction
Either Dominion, Exiles, or Both. If the faction is left blank, it is assumed to be Both
2= level
The nominal level of the quest (not the level at which it can be obtained).
Symbols can be added for various kinds of special quests:
Symbol Quest type
Da Daily
D Dungeon
R Raid
TS Tradeskill
For the TS, you can place the name of the specific Tradeskill.
3= quest name
The name of the article that describes the quest. Usually this is simply the name of the quest.
4= display name (optional)
Can be added when the name of the quest you want to show is different from the name of the article.


Dominion quest:

{{questlong|Dominion|1|The Key to Power}}

IconDominionSimple.png [1] The Key to Power

Exiles quest:

{{questlong|Exiles|1|The Key to Power}}

IconExilesSimple.png [1] The Key to Power

Both quest:

{{questlong|Both|1|The Key to Power}}

IconBothSimple.png [1] The Key to Power

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