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This article is a guild information page for Guild infobox .

The contents herein are entirely player made, and in no way represent official WildStar history or occurrences. Characters and events listed are of an independent nature, and may be role-play, fictional, speculative, or opinion from a limited player-base. Guild pages must comply with Guild page policy.

IconNeutral.png Guild infobox
Name Guild infobox
Founded {{{founded}}}
Guild Level {{{glevel}}}
Leader {{{leader}}}
Co-Leader {{{coleader}}}
Guild Officers {{{officers}}}
Target {{{target}}}
Members {{{members}}}
Accounts {{{accounts}}}
Levels {{{levels}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Special {{{special}}}
Restrictions {{{restrictions}}}
Website [{{{web}}} {{{name}}}]

Adds a guild infobox to a player guild wiki page. See Guild:No Chuas Allowed (Nexus NA) and Guild:Pulse (Nexus EU) for example usage on a guild info page. See WildStarWiki:Guild page policy for more instructions, requirements, and general guild page policy.

Paste one of the following on a new wiki page, 'Infobox' at top.
{{Guild infobox

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{{Guild elinks}}


{{Guild infobox
|name= <!-- exact Guild Name in-game -->
|type= <!-- eg: Guild (usually), or otherwise. -->
|image= <!-- wiki image name: File.png -->
|faction= <!-- Dominion, Exiles -->
|founded= <!-- date founded: 4/4/2014 -->
|region= <!-- accounts region: NA, EU. empty value not display --> 
|realm= <!-- accounts realm: Nexus, Alizar. empty value not display --> 
|leader= <!-- Leader -->
|coleader= <!-- Co-Leader if any -->
|officers= <!-- list of Officers -->
|members= <!-- list of Members -->
|target= <!-- target environment(s): PvE PvP RP RP-PvP Raid -->
|glevel= <!-- numerical guild achievement level -->
|accounts= <!-- number of actual Player Accounts -->
|levels= <!-- general level range in guild: 20-40+ -->
|country= <!-- optional, usually only if special geography, like: Singapore -->
|special= <!-- special geo. or language: Dutch, Oceanic, Brazilian, French NA -->
|restrictions= <!-- guild member restriction notes -->
|web= <!-- guild web site URL: -->

<!-- page content goes here -->

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{{Guild infobox
|name= No chuas allowed
|type= Guild
|image= Chua_No.gif
|faction= Dominion
|founded= 4/4/2014
|region= EU
|realm= Nexus
|leader= Chuapox
|target= PvE
|glevel= 25
|accounts= 21+
|levels= 20-40+
|restrictions= Must not be Chua.

== Some Topic ==
This is some topic and I'm talking about it here in this text.

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