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Official WildStar Online Community

Adds a game currency amount with game icons to a wiki page. Can also use {{currency}} instead of {{cost}} to the same effect, if wording makes more sense in context.

1= [number] (Optional) - platinum amount
2= [number] (Optional) - gold amount
3= [number] (Optional) - silver amount
4= [number] (Optional) - copper amount
ren= [number] (Optional) - Renown amount
pre= [number] (Optional) - Prestige amount
eg= [number] (Optional) - Elder Gem amount
cv= [number] (Optional) - Crafting Voucher amount

Platinum: 1p


Gold: 1g


Silver: 1s


Copper: 1c


Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper: 1p 1g 1s 1c


Renown: 1 Renown


Prestige: 1 Prestige


Elder Gems: 1 Elder Gems


Crafting Vouchers: 1 Crafting Voucher