Official WildStar Online Community
Official WildStar Online Community
For a full list by zone and faction, see the Quest category.

There are multiple types of quests in WildStar Online, ranging from traditional quests to path-specific missions.


  • Quests: these are the traditional PvE quests found in MMOs.
  • Path Missions: taming a hostile alien world ain't easy, so choose a Path and start taking care of business. Experience unique missions and mechanics as a Scientist, Settler, Explorer, or Soldier - all designed to fit your personal playstyle.
  • Challenges: Think you’re a PvE powerhouse? Then put your money where your mouth is and take on time-based challenges and earn awesome rewards.
  • Shiphand Missions: Take your bad-assitude off-world and throw down with your friends in six sci-fi adventures set in outer space and beyond.
  • Adventures: Imagine virtual simulations generated by a psychopathic Eldan AI, each with unique story elements, gameplay mechanics, and objectives. The environments might be simulated, but the phat loot is real.