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WildStar Online 101
WildStar Online is a an MMO, developed by Carbine Studios and publisher by NCSoft It's initial launch date was June 3rd, 2014 with a re-launch to a Free to Play model on September 29th 2015. It  mixes both sci-fi and fantasy elements into an imaginative universe with a very distinct visual style. The game appeals to a broad spectrum of gamers by providing content tailored to individual playstyles as they adventure across the mysterious world of Nexus. Wikia and its fans have put together an assortment of intel on WildStar Online to help you get up to speed. From must-see media and essential articles, to a deep look at the community’s perspective, we’ve got everything you need to know about the game to ensure you’re ready for blast off!

WildStar Online Wikia: Essential Pages

Developer Interviews: Your Questions. Their Answers

WildStar Online: Housing Q&A
Joseph Piepora, Lead Systems Designer

Lead Systems Designer Joseph Piepora answers community questions about housing. Interested in the finer points of housing plots? What about the future, including stuff like guild housing? Joseph’s got the answers.

WildStar Online: Elder Game
Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer

WildStar’s Executive Producer fields questions about the MMO’s endgame. What informs the team’s decisions regarding the elder game’s finer points? What does the future hold for elements like elder gems and LFR functionality? Find out in this community Q&A.

WildStar Online: Customization
Matt Mocarski, Development Director

Development Director Matt Mocarski delves into some of WildStar’s finer points, including character customization, lore oddities, and more.

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Community Essentials
We picked the brains of some of the WildStar Online Wikia admins to get the fan perspective on the game. We also gathered the wider community consensus via a handful of polls, the results of which can be viewed in graphical form below and in full on on this blog post.

What the fans are saying

"Compare it to other MMO's? Um.. not easily done. Carbine had a goal to make their game different. To bring in things no one has successfully done before... open action combat style... multi colored telegraphs... it is really easy to tell if you are going to hit your target. And you know if something is going to hit you, and pretty much when.

WildStar chose to make (housing) a core part of their game, which meant they put some very serious time and thought into it. There is a buff board that you can hit up on your way out to play, offering a variety of bonuses to choose from. You can also add decorations to your house that give you a 'rested xp' type of bonus if you log out there. With free-form placement, anything is possible."
- Pinkachu, Admin on the WildStar Online Wikia


"If you haven't played this genre of game previously, you shouldn't have any issues getting up to speed, it's forgiving...initially. For the Player versus player aficionado, you can level up by pwning noobs and drinking the tears of your enemies afterwards. If you prefer less ganking in your diet, the PVE (player vs environment) route offers a rich and interactive adventure across Nexus. Additionally, you've got a crafting system which offers a deeper, more personalized experience via experimentation. The path system is another facet of the game play that offers perks, character bonuses and other surprises to discover while you're on Nexus.

From the river and ocean currents (that can throw you off the first time, especially if you weren't expecting it!) to the trees, cliffs, ships, wreckage, etc. that you can climb up, in, on, and over for spectacular views. Don't forget about all the hidden path related quests and other surprises...The list goes on and on, it's absolutely amazing."
- Kat ChaosReborn, Admin on WildStar Online Wiki

Community Poll Results
Where’s the community’s head at with regards to the breadth of options that WildStar offers? Check out the results of the battery of polls we ran!