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The Northern Wilds is the level 3 to 6 zone for the Exiles. Here players land at either the Crash Site or the Landing Site depending on their race. About halfway through the zone, players are introduced to a Runcrafter NPC and a vendor where they can purchase 2 slot bags. After completing the zone, and the Public Event south of Camp Icefury, players will be taken via ship to Algoroc to start their next adventure.

When players reach level 50, the area becomes the Northern Wastes, which serves as one of many contested regions on Nexus.

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Northern Wilds Subzones
Ancient Tower · Camp Icefury · Coldburrow Cavern · Crash Site · Exo-Lab 729 · Landing Site · Settler's Reach
Alizar Zones
Algoroc · Celestion · Everstar Grove · Galeras · Northern Wilds · Thayd · Whitevale