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Mining is one of the many Tradeskills in WildStar, used to procure rare ores and gems from the landscape. The Miner uses a Laser Pickaxe. Like all Tradeskills, Mining can be chosen once a character reaches level 10.

New for F2P - a multi use/all levels gathering tool called the Quantum Harvester is available in the in-game Store for purchase. This item is character bound only.  

How to Mine

Mining on Nexus is very simple, and takes only 4 easy steps:

  1. Purchase and equip a Laser Pickaxe. Though techinically not necessary, as the player's weapon will do just fine, the proper tools will make the process much faster. A Tier 1 "Novice" pickaxe may be used for all types of nodes, but will be slower than the better versions.
  2. Find a metal node out in the open world.
  3. Face the metal node, and right-click it.
  4. Wait for the mining channel to finish, then vacuum loot their ores, gems, and crystals.

Metal Wurms

This being Nexus, things are oftentimes not as they seem. In this case, metal nodes may actually be a gigantic worm made completely out of metal that will try to kill you. Metal wurms need to be attacked like any other mob, and as the player damages them, ores will fall off, like a pinata only deadlier.

Should the player succesfully murder the wurm before they are murdered, or it decides to flee, they will be rewarded with Wurm Tunnel.

Wurm Tunnel

Accessed by killing a metal wurm, or simply getting lucky, a wurm tunnel is a vast underground network filled to the brim with metal nodes ripe for harvesting. Players will have 2 minutes to gather as much as they can before the tunnel collapses and the player is shot right back up to the surface, just outside the entrance of the tunnel.


Level Node Materials Tool
  • Silica 
  • Silica Ore
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Amethyst Gem
Novice Laser Pickaxe
  • Carbon
  • Carbon Ore
  • Graphite Crystal
  • Diamond Gem
Apprentice Laser Pickaxe
  • Tungsten 
  • Tungsten Ore
  • Beryl Crystal
  • Emerald Gem
Journeyman Laser Pickaxe
  • Bauxite
  • Bauxite Ore
  • Aluminum Crystal
  • Topaz Gem
Artisan Laser Pickaxe
  • Corundum
  • Corundum Ore
  • Vanadium Crystal
  • Sapphire Gem
Expert Laser Pickaxe




See Crafting trainer for trainer locations.

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