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Medic resonators.jpg
Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Resonators
Armor: Medium Armor
Resource: Actuators
Primary Attributes: Assault Power (DPS) Support Power (Healing)
Secondary Attributes Multi-Hit Rating, Multi-Hit Severity (DPS) & (Healing)
Dominion Races: Cassian, Mechari, Chua
Exiles Races: Human, Granok, Mordesh

The Medic is a highly mobile playable class in WildStar, with good DPS and flexible Healing abilities. Medics are highly mobile as all of their abilities can be cast on the move. These deadly doctors will spend most of their time kiting, dodging, and weaving on the battlefield, their medium armour absorbing any blows they might take.

They are unique from the other classes in that many of their builds rely on the use of Probes, HoTs that heal or buff, and Fields, areas on the ground that can cause damage, slow down enemies, or heal allies.



Does shocking others "resonate" with you? If so, your aspiring inner intern will be Delighted On Arrival with the Awe-n-Shock Resonators Mark IX. Heal your friends and boil your enemies with last year's prize-winner for Most Excruciating Surgical Appliance! Smells like this wild-cardio just got wilder!


Did someone say sci-fi sawbones? Wielding a virtual pharmacopoeia of benign and malignant auras, you'll be savoring your allies' squeals of relief and enemies' howls of agony through the undebunkable magic of medical science!


Nothing puts a smile on a medic's face like a bunch of shiny new probes! Sophisticated advances in biotechnology allow healing probes to work so fast, there's only time for emotional scars! And for Medics with an eye for offense, the Ultra-Probinatrix 9000-Z is guaranteed to cause death faster than you can say ah. With devices like these, killing patients is a virtue!

Ability Resource

The Medic's ability resource is Actuator charges. Actuators start at four charges, and are consumed by powerful attacks and heals. Some basic abilities and many Tier 4 and 8 abilities can generate additional Actuators during combat. When you leave combat, your Actuators will quickly restore to a full four charges.

Innate Ability: Energize

The Medic's innate ability is Energize, which restores Actuator charges and provides a buff to either Assault and Support Power or Shield Mitigation, depending on the status of the Medic at the time it is activated.


Icon Name Level
Icon skillmedic discharge.png Discharge 1
Icon skillmedic gammarays.png Gamma Rays 2
Icon skillmedic nullifyfield.png Nullifier 4
Icon skillmedic fissure.png Fissure 6
Icon skillmedic devastatorprobes1.png Devastator Probes 11
Icon skillmedic quantumcascade.png Quantum Cascade 13
Icon skillmedic particlecollider.png Collider 15
Icon skillmedic annihilation.png Annihilation* 20
Icon skillmedic atomize.png Atomize 21
Icon skillenergy ui srcr shckcntrp.png Dematerialize 27
Icon Name Level
Icon skillmedic emission.png Emission 6
Icon skillmedic fieldsurgeon.png Crisis Wave 9
Icon skillmedic paddleshock.png Dual Shock 9
Icon skillmedic repairprobes1.png Mending Probes 11
Icon skillmedic medicicontreatwounds.png Triage 13
Icon skillmedic healingnova.png Flash 15
Icon skillmedic barrier.png Barrier 18
Icon skillmedic repairstation.png Rejuvenator* 20
Icon skillmedic sheildsurge.png Shield Surge 24
Icon skillmedic extricate.png Extricate 31
Icon Name Level
Icon skillmedic paralyticsurge.png Paralytic Surge 3
Icon skillmedic urgency.png Urgency 6
Icon skillmedic restraintgrind.png Restrictor 9
Icon skillmedic suture.png Antidote 15
Icon skillmedic recharge.png Recharge 18
Icon skillmedic protectionprobe1.png Protection Probes* 20
Icon skillmedic empowerprobe.png Empowering Probes 21
Icon skillmedic magneticlockdown.png Magnetic Lockdown 24
Icon skillmedic calm.png Calm 27
Icon skillmedic fieldprobes1.png Field Probes 31
Items marked with * are unlocked through AMPs.


Assault Hybrid A/S Support Hybrid S/U Utility Hybrid A/U
Tier 1

[Armor Pierce]
[Assault Power]

[Critical Hit]
[Critical Hit Severity]

[Focus Recovery]
[Support Power]
[Focus Cost]

[PvP Defense]
[Maximum Shield Capacity]

[Dash Regen]
[CC Resilience]

[PvP Offense]

Tier 2

[Empowering Aura]
[Core Damage]
[In Flux]
[Victory Spark]

[Scalpel! Forceps!]
[Power Converter]
[Null Zone]

[Armor Coating]
[Protective Surge]

[Shield Protocol]
[Defense Mechanism]
[Emergency Extraction]

[Shield Reboot]
[Solid State]
[Quick Dodge]
[Concerted Effort]

[Weakness into Strength]
[Antigen Isolation]
[Stay With Me]

Tier 3

[Danger Zone]

[Power Cadence]
[Renewable Probes]

[Running on Empty]

[Acerbic Injection]
[Debilitative Armor]

[Health Probes]
[Protection Probes]
[Amorphous Barrier]

[Chemical Burn]
[Energy Pulse]




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