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Welcome to Madame Fay's Fortunes! This mini-game is an addition to the WildStar Content Drop #6 which will be included in the Free to Play launch. This addition uses Fortune Coin that is currently only available at the in-game Store and can be purchased in singles or bundles of 3 and 9. Once players have purchased coin and applied it to their character, it will be available in the mini-game. This is accessed using either a vendor outside of a fortune tent, or from the UI by clicking on the Fortune Coin icon at the bottom left of the screen (next to the store icon).

Fortune coin icon on the UI.png

Once the window is open, players will select the orb that appears in the screen to the bottom left and place it on the pedestal. It will open and three cards will appear, each with an aura showing the rarity of the item it contains, Green, Blue, Purple or Orange. Clicking on the chest icon above Madame Fay's ears will show a drop down list of items that can possibly be won. 

Clicking on the fortune cards will reveal the contents. Each card that is clicked on will add to the carrot meter on the right side of the screen. The higher the liquid in the meter, the better the chances of a higher quality reward. The items received from the fortune coins are tradeable. 

Protostar Strong Box Rewards

These items may periodically change. 

Legendary Protostar Spider Rider Ground Mount
Epic Hoverboard (Lopp) Package Hoverboard and flairs
Epic Baby Vulcanbot Pet
Epic Mini Maw Pet
Rare Galaxy Grenadier Costume Chest Costume
Rare Orbitron (Classic) Ground Mount
Rare Star Captain Costume Chest Costume
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