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Official WildStar Online Community

From tutorial: "As loftite prices soar, the village of Gallow has gone from boring to boomtown! To bad the intergalactic crime organization known as the Darkspur Cartel just showed up to rain on everyone's parade. Now might be a good time for some old school, frontier justice, partner."

Gallow is a settlement located in Algoroc, which began to experience economic prosperity when the Loftite's value sparked a mass migration of prospectors and mining enterprises. The town would have become one of the wealthiest settlement on Nexus if Darkspur Cartel hadn't arrive on Nexus. Darkspur Cartel began its take over by murdering the town's peacekeeper; as a result, the Exiles sent Judge Kain to deal with them. The town was also a former home of Crowe family, who were exiled from the community for their wicked nature and joined the Darkspur Cartel with their Slush brewing operation.