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Type Zone
Min Level 12
Location GalerasAlizar

Exiles-controlled Galeras is a lush, temperate region with good soil and a climate conducive to farming and ranching. The Exiles have established many farms in the area to help feed their growing population, and also made an amazing discovery - an ancient, but largely intact, Osun city called Thayd.


With Thayd as their de facto military headquarters, the forces of FCON defend the Exile civilians trying to make a new life here, and take the fight to the Dominion whenever and wherever they can.

Thayd dominates the western part of the region, which is bisected by Gale Canyon, a huge, windswept crevice occupied by a tribe of air-worshipping Pell. In the east, the Exile outpost known as Skywatch keeps a lookout over the Exile settlers who cannot be easily defended from Thayd.

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Toxic Wasteland in Galeras

Scans indicate that several areas in the Gale Canyon region of Galeras have been overwhelmed with toxins that show definite signs of artificial manufacture. Trace elements present in the most potent toxins are commonly used by the Collegium's special military research division, DRED, in experimental weapons technology.

Totems of Osiric

Scans of Falkrin totems near the Temple of Osiric and the Stormwing Fortress in Galeras - as well as direct interaction with same - show they are not merely decorative or religious in nature. These "totems of Osiric" are infused with raw primal air that crackles with electricity and destructive force that react violently to almost any external influence.

Scan data cannot confirm the origin of this power, which appears to be self-generating.

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