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A Dungeon is an instance that is set up for a group of five players. Unlike Adventures or Expeditions, a Dungeon is more about killing. Kill mobs to get to the Boss, then figure out how to kill the boss. 

The first available dungeon in WildStar Online is at level 10 and is named Protogames Academy, this dungeon functions as a training dungeon. Unlike other dungeons the entrance to this instance is available in four locations, namely Gallow (Algoroc), Sylvan Glade (Celestion), Lightreach Mission (Ellevar) and Feralplain Collective (Deradune).

Dungeons may be entered by visiting the entrance in the open world or by using the group finder (default key N).

Upon reaching level 50, all lower level dungeons, and a set of new dungeons, become available as Prime difficulty dungeons with Prime 0 being the lowest difficulty. Prime dungeons feature much more difficult content for max level players including new mechanics and both mobs and bosses having more health and dealing more damage.



  • Ruins of Kel Voreth (cave) (level 20 Dominion)
  • Stormtalon's Lair (cave) (level 20 Exiles)
  • Skullcano (cave) (level 35)
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (cave) (level 50)

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