Official WildStar Online Community
Official WildStar Online Community

Battlegrounds are a great way to quickly and effortlessly jump into a match and smash some faces, as well as score some Prestige (our PvP currency) and bragging rights. They also add an objective to the battle, so you don’t need to be the best player-killer in the world to help your team.


Capture the Flag
Battlegrounds: Walatiki Temple

Two teams compete for control over an object (in this case a Moodie Mask) that they need to bring back to their base to score a point. Each team begins with one mask already in their base, with “neutral” masks spawning over time in the central area. Players can also *steal* masks from the enemy base and bring them back to their base!

King of the Hill
Battlegrounds: Halls of the Bloodsworn

For each round, one team will be selected as the attacking team while the other plays the defending team. The attacking team needs to fill a capture meter for each room, which they can achieve by capturing control nodes set on either side of the room and a central point.

Once the attacking team fills the capture meter to 100%, the defenders are pushed back to the next room and the process begins again until all three rooms have been cleared or the time limit is reached. Once the first round is complete, the teams are switched and the previously defending team gets a chance to attack!

Battlegrounds: Daggerstone Pass

Holding objectives in the center of the map allows the controlling team to bombard enemy defenses with devastating frequency. Bomb them from the air or the ground with airstrikes and hand-held explosives.