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AMP stands for Advanced Modification Protocol and is a class customization feature of WildStar. AMPs supply passive upgrades and "procs" that players are able to spend points on, to customize their character for areas such as Assault, Utility, or Support, and their combinations.


Using a constellation-style grid, players are able to spend points to unlock passive upgrades. Players receive 1 AMP point per level to be spent by clicking the upgrade they wish to buy. Most upgrades beyond Tier 1 require more than 1 AMP point to acquire, which makes it necessary to save and plan on what you really need.

AMP Types

The AMP page is portrayed and divided into six different trees:

  • Assault, which aids in damage-dealing
  • Support,  which aids in healing or tanking, depending on class
  • Utility, which aids in movement and resistance against Crowd Control (CC)
  • Assault/Support, which aids in both the DPS and Support role by providing useful stats for either
  • Support/Utility, which aids the player's damage and fighting skill against other players, and
  • Utility/Assault, which aids the player's defenses against other players

Unlocking AMPs

Many AMPs need to be unlocked before points can be assigned to them. AMPS are inventory items which can be acquired in one of three ways.

  • Trading with another player (through mail, trade, or the auction house)
  • Looting from an enemy NPC (v. low rate random chance drop)
  • Purchasing from a friendly NPC

Right clicking on an AMP in the inventory will 'use' the item and unlock the relevant AMP in the AMP tree.

Ability AMPs

In addition to passive abilities, AMPs are able to unlock three usable abilities for each class. There is one for assault, support and utility.


For the source of AMPs, including vendors and NPCs, visit the below links:

AMP Points

As your character progresses from Level 1 to Level 50, you will automatically gain 45 AMP points. It is possible to gain an extra 10 AMPs with AMP Power Upgrade's. There are different methods of obtaining these:

The above points can only be used once, however there are 3 more options to gain more AMP Power Upgrades.

  • Elder Gem Vendor - Bind on Pickup - 350 Elder Gems
  • Participation and Winning Loot Bags from PvP activities such as Rated Arena and Battlegrounds (Practise and Rated) - Bind on Use.
  • World Drops from level 50 enemy NPC's throughout Nexus - Bind on Use.

The Bind on Use AMP Power Upgrade's can be sold to other players, or purchased from other players via the Communities Exchange.




Patch changes

  • IconPatch.png Strain Ultradrop:Several AMPs have had their rarities adjusted to better coincide with their respective drop rates.; AMP item tooltips will now display correctly.; Fixed a crash related to AMPs that modify spell parameters such as resource cost.

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